TPT Store Branding and Store Analysis for TPT Sellers

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Have you lost the zing to keep progressing your TPT store to its full potential? There are so many different elements to consider when you are a TPT store owner. Sometimes, it is simply overwhelming to know where to start.

Most TPT authors have backgrounds in teaching; after all, that's why we are all here. So the marketing aspects of running a TPT store can become very overwhelming when you haven't been to lecture after lecture on marketing to find your way. You're just there scratching your head thinking, so what am I supposed to do?

You have the store; you have the passion in your heart, you just don't have the marketing background. That's when I come in. I have a unique skill set of a background in both marketing and teaching.

After applying my marketing knowledge to my own TPT store and brand, I noticed amazing results. I'm a two-time milestone achiever who is starting to passionately put one foot after the other in the direction of milestone number three. With belief on its own, you probably won't get there. But with belief and smart work, you will. Notice the use of the word smart, not hard. I want to help you work smarter, not harder. We are all here to earn more so that we can spend more quality time with our loved ones, and do more of what we love in this life.

If you decide to level up your store by purchasing, then the following will happen:

Step One: you make your purchase
Step Two: you instantly download the let's get started info
Step Three: you need to email me,, with the following information:
+ your order number* (proof of purchase)
+ your store name
+ a link to your store
+ a link to any/ all your social media
+ a link to your blog if you have one
+ a link to any other online presence you have

Step Four: you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours (Monday-Friday New Zealand timezone) to let you know your order is in the process line
Step Five: sit back and relax in my metaphorical waiting room (all you can eat food and drinks, not of the tangible filling variety sadly)
Step Six: you will receive a PDF via email of your store and brand analysis
Step Seven: your order has been fulfilled and completed, enjoy!

This purchase includes a PDF analysis of the following 24 elements:


+brand colors
+brand language
+brand personality
+brand values
+clear mission
+content strategy
+font palette
+social media
+target niche


+best-seller indicators
+custom categories
+free download
+my profile
+personal quote box

+ratings and comments
+store banners
+store searchability
+TPT searchability


How long will my order take?

+Standard Orders take up to ten working days once the confirmation email has been received.
+Rush Orders take up to two working days once the confirmation email has been received.*

*Please note, rush orders ARE NOT currently available while the product is 50% off as there is very high demand. These will be an additional cost when on offer.

What is included in my purchase?

+A complete brand and store analysis that involves 24 different elements. This will be completed and emailed to you as a PDF file.

What is not included in my purchase?

+Ongoing support is not currently offered in your purchase. Once the results have been emailed, the transaction has been completed. Ongoing support may be an option in the future but is not currently an option.