Post Office Dramatic Play

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Welcome to the Beyond Imagination Post Office dramatic play center. Here you will find lots of little explorers hard at work developing their growing minds. This fun role play based resource is perfect to use in kindergarten, preschool, or home school learning environments.

Please note: a full preview is available. This is a great way to see if it is the right fit for you and your students before purchasing.

What's Included?

Update November 8, 2018: comprehensive how to use, how to print, supply list, and set up instructions have been added. Stamps have been added to the main file. 29 bonus pages of letter writing paper with monthly themes and corresponding stamps, a birthday card, and play addressed "envelopes" have been added. A blank version of the letter paper, stamps, and birthday card have also been added.

There are 48 PDF letter paper pages included in this pack.

Page 1: Title page

Page 2: How to use

Page 3: How to print smaller space

Page 4: How to print bigger space

Page 5: Supplies list

Page 6: Set up instructions

Pages 7-10: Photo Examples

Page 11: The Beyond Imagination POST OFFICE OPEN sign

Page 12: The Beyond Imagination POST OFFICE CLOSED sign

Page 13: Store Hours Sign

Page 14: Please Pay Here Sign

Page 15: Stamps

Pages 16-22: Half Page Product Label and Price Signs

Page 23: Shopping Receipt

Page 23-26: Design Your Own Stamp Worksheets

Pages 27-30: Postcards with two different lines

Pages 31-32: Store Job Labels

Pages 33-37: Play Money (same play money as included in my other Dramatic Play Sets)

Pages 28-38: Post Office Bunting

Pages 39-48: Play Money (same play money as included in my other Dramatic Play Sets)