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Are you ready to buckle up for an adventure to every continent on the globe? Grab your bonus boarding pass, pack your imaginary luggage, and set your mind off on an adventure around the world.

Each of your seven digitally downloadable files are loaded with a map of the continent and ten amusing continent facts (including the two above).

So that you know:

· Four options of the same booklet are included (original, no images, lines no text, and blank no text).

· Bonus play boarding passes (get your free passport here) and postcards are included.

· You will get instant digital access, no waiting in lines here folks.

· Your files have been created with US spelling in letter paper format.

· This product has been designed for younger children or children with specific needs, as the information is at a basic level.

· There are two booklets per page, so if you have one child you can do one along with them, or if you have a whole bus full of children (or students), you can print multiple copies at two per page. Easy.

About Beyond Imagination Continent Studies

We like to take things literally around here. So when we started selling digital resources on the world wide web back in 2014, we thought why not let children learn worldwide through the web, and so we did. Our range of Beyond Imagination Continent Studies allow you, a child’s mother, father, caregiver, or teacher to educate them about the world around them without having to leave the comfort of your home or classroom. Genius.

We live in a world full of cultural diversity, so let's start exploring it. Educating the next generation about the world around them isn't good, it's crucial to creating global-minded citizens with care and love for the world in which they live. That sounds like a better tomorrow that we can create today.